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window tinting only uses top name brand window tint materials.

When it comes to window tint, you want to use a company that has a great reputation, great customer service and great work.  Window tinting is a skilled trade where only certain companies can perform the service that will last.  There are many companies out there that claim they use the best window tint materials on the market and claim they can do the work but fall short to their claims when the tint job they performed fails within the first year.  Here at Solar Eclipse Window Tinting all of our installers have years of experience in the tinting world.  We also are an authorize Global  window films dealer and installing store.  Solar Eclipse Window Tinting has been San Diego’s premier window tint store since 1989 and we are committed to excellence.  All of our window tint jobs include a true written nationwide covered lifetime warranty directly from the manufacture that not only covers you with us but any of their dealers nationwide and yes that is in writing its not just us stating that on our invoice it is on the manufacture’s document.

Benefits of Window Tint

While some customers are looking to add style to their vehicle there are much more benefits to tint than style and looks.  Window tint can block 99% of ultraviolet radiation which is the main cause of fading interiors and skin cancer.   Window tint can block up to 65% of the heat entering your vehicle, with blocking heat you now can use your air condition unit less and when using less air conditioning you use less fuel and reduce the amount of stress put on your vehicles motor.   Window tint can also keep those wondering eyes of thieves out of your vehicle and with tinted windows can stop thieves from entering your car by shattering your glass.  With various shades of tint ranging from 94% to 30 % light blockage im sure we have a suitable shade ti fit any of your needs.


We are a Global Authorized Window Tinting Dealer and installation center

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