Mass Wheels



Whether your into the VIP scene, Honda scene or even Euro scene and in need of wheels we got you covered.  Mass Wheels has now stocked Solar Eclipse with some of their inventory of wheels from Japan.  Are you looking for an older wheel or maybe a 3 piece wheel that you want to rebarrel to the specs to stance your?….Your in the right place!!! Most wheels are priced low to move fast and help you get on your way to achieve the look you want with your wheels.   For more info or current stock please contact us (619)474-0060.10334443_10152452823801870_3947454269029119956_n 10304770_10152470806791870_1197522533254078796_n 10334443_10152452823801870_3947454269029119956_n 10366016_10152610243931870_5734357332626296435_n 10376314_10152480212661870_2472857086253730847_n 10462543_10152520888986870_2109925271505963429_n 10462811_10152470846236870_219911471907496744_n 10500303_10152520900401870_486030056786457904_n 10665180_10152692953466870_5666822631309844241_n 10676338_10152699451551870_4507848832875319961_n

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