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 Solar Eclipse Window Tinting Background

Solar Eclipse’s first store was started in 1989 by a gentleman by the name of Benji Lapid.   Though out the 1990’s Solar Eclipse became the Elite window tinting shop of San Diego and also became one of the first import performance shops that catered to the import scene. After a couple of years Solar Eclipse had opened two other stores though out San Diego that included a larger shop in Mira Mesa.  The First Solar Eclipse store in National City was the shop that mainly specialized in window tint, auto accessories and minor customization while the larger Mira Mesa store specialized in everything from window tint to full on drag race cars.

At the end of 1997 Benji decided to pursue his career in manufacturing and sell both the two store that were still open, the National City store and the Mira Mesa store.  The Mira Mesa store was sold to an employee but was closed within a year of the change of ownership.  The National City store was also sold to a current employee by the name of Damien Abrams who wanted to continue the legacy of the best window tinting store in San Diego and since then has done just that.  Solar Eclipse still today is San Diego’s premeir window tinting shop with customers coming as far as Los Angeles to have their cars tinted and also being the auto dealerships choice of window tinting.

With the closure of the much larger Mira Mesa store Damien took on the challenge of making the National City store more than just window tinting but also an auto performance store.  Damien knew that the National City store was smaller and space was a problem but it ended up working out,  Damien and Employees were able to focus on one car and one car only thus having a higher quality product of install and fabrication.  Damien to this day feels that customers are happier with quality of work by the crew of Solar Eclipse focusing on one car at a time rather than a couple at a time.  Solar Eclipse currently uses one garage for auto performance and one garage to tint vehicles in.  At Solar Eclipse they believe in quality not quantity and their quality of work show why they have been around so long.

As other stores emerge and close there is one thing that is certain…Solar Eclipse will be here for along time.  Their knowledge and experience in the tinting world keeps customers coming back for more tint jobs and reccommending their friends to have their cars tinted.  Solar Eclipse employees take their time with applying film to insure that they put out the best quality tint job a consumer can have.  In their strive for excellence they take the time to learn each vehicle so no shortcuts are taken while tinting a vehicle.  Solar Eclipse also has tons of experience in the import performance world and they are well capable of doing anything from a motorswap, a custom turbo kit to a custom suspension.  If its JDM, VIP, performance or maybe you want to customize your car to your liking…Solar Eclipse can provide that service for you with their highly experienced and informative staff.  With their incredible customer service, highly trained staff and great prices Solar Eclipse has distinguished themselves as San Diego’s premier shop.

Why Choose Us For Window Tinting

With over 40 years combine experience in window tinting Solar Eclipse Window Tinting is sure to give you the best experience you can have while tinting your vehicle.  Our staff is fully trained to handle any car, and with our great customer service we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Whether its your first car or your fifth car getting tinted we are here to help you choose the best tint for your vehicle.  At Solar Eclipse we also have a waiting room for you to sit, free WI-FI for you to do any office work and a flat screen TV with Netflix for your viewing pleasure while you wait.  We want you to be as comfortable as you can while you wait for you car to be tinted.

Now you may ask why Solar Eclipse and not the cheaper shop down the street?  Well, its simple, when getting your vehicle tinted there are many factors that come into play.  One factor is price, we are not the cheapest shop but at the same time we are not the most expensive.  We try to be competitive and affordable in the tinting market and even though some shops are cheaper and claim they will beat our price we challenge them to beat our quality of work.  With our knowledgeable staff, superior installation and great products that are back by the manufactures nation wide covered lifetime warranty we are sure to give you the greatest window tint job you deserve.  Many shops in the San Diego use far less quality films that enable them to charge cheaper prices or even take short cuts while tinting vehicles, less quality films tend to fail over the first two years and are not backed by a strong warranty as we carry.  Many time some shops are more about quantity rather than quality  but with Solar Eclipse Window Tinting we focus clearly on your vehicle to ensure your leave happy and come back for more work.

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